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  • I live in Too much personal information. What? Do you honestly expect me to say something like that?
  • My occupation is Founder of the Fossil Fighters Fan Fic Wiki. Also an Admin on the Fossil Fighters Wiki.
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  • Dimetrodongold


    August 23, 2013 by Dimetrodongold

    We are going to revive this wiki! And we'll mAke it better than ever! Let's band up and spread the word about this wiki!

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  • Dimetrodongold

    User List

    October 7, 2012 by Dimetrodongold

    This is where I will ist all the users on this Wiki, even though there's an Admin Dashboard page telling it. This is for non-admin users. I know; Ub made the page for it. But a USER LIST is simply unneeded as a page. If it's in a Blog, however, we can keep it, since it is not considered a page. So without farther ado, here we go...

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    • Ub
    • Dimetrodongold
    • DinonerdDC
    • E4439Qv5
    • Wikia
    • Dopp
    • Trellar
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