Dimetrodongold's idea: B-ZinoEdit

Appearance: A skeletal Zino with yellow bones.

Description: A boneysaur who learns skills like those of Zino, B-Zino has a high critical rate and learns powerful attacks.

Type: Fire

Size: Large


  • LP 380
  • Attack 75
  • Defence 22
  • Accuracy 28
  • Speed 10


  • Boney Slash 80 FP cost and 95 attack power
  • Boney Swipe 140 FP cost and 112 attack power
  • Boney Rip 230 FP cost and 130 attack power
  • Team Skill: Boney Spin 180 FP cost and 109 attack power

Support Effects: Applied to own AZ

  • Attack 5% down
  • Defence 40% up
  • Accuracy 5% down
  • Speed 40% up

Fossilary Description: A Boneysaur from the BB Brigade kit. Its large skeletal claws help it with its Critical Rate.

Favorite Food: Calcium

Genus: Boney Therizinosaurus

Length: 36 feet

Ub's idea: Z-Raptor EditEdit

Description: A Raptor who looks almost looks like a T-Rex. It has the highest LP of any Raptor.

Type: Earth And (FIRE) Fire special F raptor event

Size: Titanic


  • Attack 181 AT FIRE VERSION normal= 81
  • Defense 80
  • Speed 5
  • Accuracy 50 FIRE VERSION event Normal= 40
  • LP 612 AT FIRE event Normal= 312


  • Raptor Fury 200 FP and 200 attack enrage posion and rotate 99%
  • Random Blast 281 attack FP 300 random effects 100%
  • Poison Horror Attack 281 Ulimate posion 50%
  • Super apply give every good bost effect on ally 100%

Team Skill: Lava Burst

Support Effects: enemy AZ 99% Down all effects

Fossilary Description: This Vivosaur is so powerful, it is unclear if it was the god of all Raptors. Maybe it wasn't?

Favorite Food: Meat

Genus: Fraptorsours

Length: 200-700 ft

E44's idea: Squint (New Legendary Chicken)EditEdit

Appearance: Similar to Squik, but black/deep gray where white, and a black glasses-like mark on its face. 3 feet tall (Small) Description: Not available, as it does not appear in the original FF.

Diet: Also not available, as it eats whatever the other chickens eat (which has not been revealed).

Fossilary Description: A mysterious Legendary-type Vivosaur born from an egg. Adorably round, it's tough in battle.

Max Rank Stats: (Same as the rest of the chickens)

  • LP 100
  • Attack 25
  • Defense 5
  • Accuracy 43
  • Speed 15

Support Effects: All stats boosted by 35%. Ability: Parting Blow (Again, same as the other chickens) Attacks:

  • Zero Cloud (41 Damage, 60 FP cost)
  • Unseen Torpedo (57 Damage, 120 FP cost. Enrage 90%)
  • Ambushing Assault (73 Damage, 180 FP cost)
  • Karmic Aura (No Damage, Counter 100%)
  • Bespectacled Blitz (Team Skill. 80 Damage, 250 FP cost)

Has an immunity to the 'Excite' status.

Ub's next idea: Dark StarEditEdit

Appearance: Look at the picture to the right. [1]The one and only Dark Star!Added by Ub

[2]The one and only dark star full view

Description: Reawakened and now able to control, Dark Star is The dark lord of them all! And like Bowser's inside story, you only do 1 damage! Make sure you have a Light Blast Vivosaur or Neutral type!

Type: Legendary/Dark

Size: 100-200 feet

Stats: 99 attack 99 defense (To stop damaging it by 0 use light beam on it) 99 spd 99 accuarcy


  • Dark Star Fury 215 attack power 215 FP cost
  • Dark Blast 215 attack power 215 FP cost
  • Dark Horror 215 attack power 215 FP cost
  • Dark Shatter 215 attack power 215 FP cost

Support Effects: Applied to enemy AZ

  • Attack 99% down
  • Defense 99% down
  • Accuracy 99% down
  • Speed 99% down

Fossilary description: The dark beast. Nothing much to explain it.

Genus: Darkstarsaurus

Length: 100-200

Dimetrodongold's next idea: Sarco (Based on a real Dinosaur!)EditEdit

Appearance: Similar to Raja, but with feathers and no horn.

Description: A water-type Vivosaur with a high Defense, team Sarco up with Vivosaurs that know Harden for major protection.

Type: Water

Size: Large


  • Attack
  • Defense 46
  • Accuracy 41
  • Speed 13


  • Sarco Roar 80 attack power 90 FP cost
  • Sarco Smash 101 attack power 110 FP cost Confuse 50% chance
  • Water Breath 130 attack power 210 FP cost Poison 60% chance
  • Quicken 0 attack power 15 FP cost raise Speed 100%

Support Effects: Applied to enemy AZ

Attack 0%

Defense 10% down

Accuracy 10% down

Speed 0%

Fossilary Description: Just Google 'Sarcosaurus' if you need information.

Genus: Sarcosaurus

Diet: Carnivore

Discovered: Google 'Where was Sarcosaurus discovered'.

Era: Cretaceous

'DinonerdDC's Idea: Raptor-XEditEdit

Description: A ferocious fire type Vivosaur with strange skills, use Raptor-X's powerful Toxic Inferno Team Skill for a chance to both Poison or Sleep enemies. Just be wary of its less than ideal LP stat.

Type: Fire


  • LP 300
  • Attack 89
  • Defence 33
  • Accuracy 50
  • Speed 15


  • King Claw - 80 fp 88 power
  • King Combo - 150 fp 120 power 30% chance to Sleep opponent
  • KIng Destruction - 290 fp 131 power 50% chance to Gold Poison opponent
  • King Cry - 100 fp boost attack by 60% (no damage)
  • Team Skill :Toxic Inferno - 400 fp 129 power 30% chance to Poison or Sleep foe. (Foe cannot be sleeping and poisoned at the same time, separate chance each time)

Support Effects Applied to own AZ

  • Attack - 10% up
  • Defence - 0
  • Accuracy - 0
  • Speed - 0

Fossilary Description: A member of the raptor family, and the largest species within the group, Raptorrex was indeed the boss.

Genus: Raptorrex

Discovered: China, Gobi Desert

Diet: Carnivore

Era Cretaceous

Ub's next idea: Albeli: Based on a real dinosaur!Edit

Description: A Vivosaur that has amazing stats. Use it in battle with Dark Star and Z-Raptor to unleash massive damage and enemy az support effects.

Size: Large

Type: Air


  • Attack 51 With golden fossil
  • Defense 32 with golden fossil
  • Speed 40 with golden fossil
  • Accuarcy 50 with golden fossil
  • Lp 320 MAX


  • Horror jaws FP cost 250 Scared 100%
  • Snapping Fury FP 350 Poison and Enrage 100%
  • Titan's Wrath Fp 550 Random effects 100% And Damage 100%
  • Air's support FP 50 Boost Attack and Counter 50%
  • Team Skill FP 600 : Creepy wave 90% scare whole team

Support Effects: Applied to enemy AZ

  • 60% Down Accuracy
  • Defense 88%
  • Attack 88%
  • Speed 88%

Era: Creataceous

Diet: Carnivore

Fossilary Description: Abelisaurs flourished in the Southern hemisphere during the Cretaceous period, but their origins can be traced back to at least the Middle Jurassic, when they had a more global distribution (the earliest known abelisaur remains come from Australian and South American deposits dated to about 170 million years ago).[1] By the Cretaceous period, abelisaurs had apparently become extinct in Asia and North America, possibly due to competition from tyrannosaurs. However, advanced abelisaurs of the family Abelisauridae persisted in the southern continents until the Cretaceous–Paleogene extinction event 65.5 million years ago.

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