Scizor smash
I was born on a late summer day, about August 2011. The previous save file was overwritten, and a brand new wave of Pokémon rushed in to fill the void that was Kanto. My parents were no exception. My father was a pack leader; Great Slash they called him. He had grown old, and as such was losing the respect of the younger males in the group. Slash still had a considerable following, so to prevent what would've been one of the most violent clashes in all of Scyther history, he left. My mother was a native to the region he traveled to, and was appreciative of the path he took.

*skips past courtship details and other PG+ material*

I burst my way out of my egg with my long, sharp blades. It was sunny out, which surprised me greatly. I quickly moved toward my mother who was deeper in the tall grass. Aside from the fact I was a tad clumsy I don't remember much else about my hatching.

Four days later, I felt confident enough to go out on a hunt. Some Exceggcute nearby had recently hatched. I felt the urge to mess with them. I led off with "Yo Pinkie! I didn't realize that some pokémon hopped around with their shell still on after hatching!" Their response was plural, as it always is when dealing with Exceggcute: "Go away. We're not in the mood to fight." I grinned. "Great!" I lashed out hard with a Quick Attack, landing a critical blow! The response that appeared on his faces were of shock, then of anger. "Oh, it's on!" he shouted in unison. He let loose with a Barrage, which ended up five feet to my right. Another Quick Attack from me, and I could see his many pained expressions. He attempted to Hypnotize me, but he missed again. What a pathetic performance! One final Quick Attack, and he fainted. I felt stronger already! I flew home to tell my parents of my amazing accomplishment.